Maxim Lifting Services are proud to offer Birmingham Crane Hire. We have a extensive range cranes and can provide you with everything you need for in and around the city center.

Mini Crane Hire

Our Mini Crane Hire range offers powerful lifting with very compact sizes. Suited for both indoor and outdoor lifting jobs they can have an optional electric motor means that work can be completed without any gas emissions. Mini Cranes can also be lifted into position by larger cranes or good hoists. They can also be operated by using the remote control which is fitted with a LCD display.

Mobile Crane Hire

Maxim offer CPA or Contract Lift Crane hire in Birmingham and across the Midlands. We have an extensive range of cranes from small lightweight aluminium Bocker Cranes to 6 and 7 axle Mobile Tower Cranes. We supply expert personnel alongside to operate, plan and execute the lift with any council permits and road closures that may be required. Give our office a call today and speak with our friendly team who will be able to assist you.

Birmingham Crane Hire

Machine Movements – Lift and Shift

Are you looking to move a heavy or awkward load in Birmingham or the Midlands ? Then look no further as Maxim lift and shift solution. We move and locate all items including Drilling and Milling machines.

  • MRI Scanners
  • AHU’S
  • 3 D Printers
  • Boilers
  • Power presses
  • Switch gear
  • CHP units
  • Artwork
  • Statues
  • Ovens

Our movement teams have decades of experience with no project being too demanding. Why not give us a call today and discuss your requirements.

Tower Crane Hire and Management

Birmingham Tower Cranes can be provided by Maxim to suit your sites requirements. We offer CPA hire or fully managed crane hire across the midlands from self erecting tower cranes to luffing and saddle jib. Our services also cover the management of the crane from erecting and testing to in service operations including operator recovery plans and thorough audits to ensure you comply with current legislations to BS7121 and L.O.L.E.R. Use the contact form to get in touch or give us a call to discuss your requirements today.

Specialist Lifting Services

Maxim provide specialist lifting services across Birmingham and the Midlands. From experienced crane personnel hire to full project management we have decades of experience in all areas of lifting solutions from mechanical plant installations to mini, mobile and tower crane hire and service. We have a vast inventory of lifting equipment to tackle the most challenging projects and overcome any hurdle. Why not call today or use the contact form to see how we can help you.